relive! (again)

After long mulling on reliving my personal site, finally it’s online!

I was trying find alternative to host my simple site. For my use case, I just need simple hosting without need of other stack such as database or whatsoever. I was using DigitalOcean for $5/month. It’s good and even I learn lot of thing on server side configuration to setup the site since I just given bare VM. I was using Ghost CMS back then.

But then, considering financial commitment especially to my small family, I decide to discontinue the site for a while. Until recently I saw my friend suggesting someone to use Netlify for hosting personal site (thanks @faizmokh), check it out and looks good to me.

While reading the docs and features, I stumble upon Hugo for generating static HTML file. Play around with it for few days and already fall in love. I’m still studying the gist and structure of Hugo, and for now I just use Coder theme.

Back to Netlify, I found it easy to use, given I have background in web development. For starter, it gives you:

  1. Custom domain and HTTPS integration (powered by LetsEncrypt)

  2. Continuous deployment whenever you push new content to your Git repository

Even you are using latest JavaScript framework such as React, Vue or Angular; no problem. You can configure to run npm, yarn or whatever command that need to build your site and deploy it.

The only drawback is that I need to push my content to GitHub to publish new thing to the site, compare to previously where you can put the new content thru nicely dashboard and WYSIWYG editor. Being a cheapskate, I don’t mind doing this way, even I find it more fun since the feel is like doing coding. (In Hugo, you can run your site locally in your machine, make changes, and the page will refresh automatically if you open it at browser)

UPDATE: thanks to @faizmokh again, you can actually use WYSIWYG editor via Netlify CMS

So after all the yada yada and so called “migration” (while it’s just a copy-paste from SQLite database), here it is! Let just hope that I will really write something here more frequently 🤭

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