JomLaunch 2022 - Some anecdote

Just some anecdote and afterthoughts while socialising with others from my visit at JomLaunch event

On managing remote team

  • As long your team member do the job, that’s fine. No need to actually gauge is he working exactly 8 hours per day, no need morning check-in to indicate you already start work.
  • Want to work from beach? Fine. From kampung? Go on. As long you can have proper internet connection and proper workspace to do the work, that is enough.
  • The important key of working remotely is COMMUNICATION. Let your other team member knows what you are working right now, and of course to deliver it by expected time. Do let know also if you encounter roadblock, so that you not keep it to yourself.

On hiring

  • Yes, hiring mid to senior engineer is quite difficult nowadays
  • Remote is like compulsory benefit (especially for senior level)
  • If you don’t have much benefit to attract talent, offer them what they will learn and do when joining your team. Some people might be interested or excited with what they will learn with you.
    • Example to name a few; learning from scratch on designing your business system, how to design database schema, how to architect your overall system, etc

On economy

  • Recession is inevitable right now. Keep your job for now even you hate it, and brace for the impact. Even big name company also is not safe
    • At time of this post, many big tech company (even FAANG) already do mass layoff to cut cost

It’s good to meet and catch up with some old friends. This is first grand physical event that I attend after 2 years of pandemic.

*Oh yeah, actually I didn’t bother to visit the booth or listening to talk though, am more to meeting people 😂

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